Nov 24, 2005

How to analyze "ntfrsutl ds" output

1. Please review "How FRS works" before reading this post. Read report with fixed-width font!
2. For DFS folder that doesn't participate in replication (in other words, the folder has only one subscriber), you won't see it in either nTFRSReplicaSet object(which is under System container) or nTFRSSubscriptions object (which is under computer object)
3. The first part of the output gives us the information such as: from which DC it reads configuration info
4. The second part reads the computer objects. From here you can know to what replica set this computer is a member of. [SUBSCRIBER section]
You can also see all the links in the same section in the form of "rootlink"

NOTE: Again, a root/link is not replication-enabled will not appear under this section

5. The third part reads the information from System container. It starts with a line look like "SETTINGS: DFSSETNAME", followed by the link names "SET: ROOTLINK"
subsection "MEMBER" let you know who are the member servers,
subsection "CXTION" stands for "connection object", which gives you to whom this member server will replicate with

so, it would look like
L___ SET: RootLink
L____ MEMBER (link back to computer object)
L___ CXTION: points to another MEMBER