Sep 13, 2006

DFSR notes 1

  1. Basic: DFS Namespace and DFS Replication are totally separate things despite the fact that they can work together and often work together
  2. You configure DFSR to replicate physical folders then publish them into namespaces
  3. You can’t create file under DFS namespace? (Access denied.) However you can do so on physical folders
    Answer: this is because target folder can be created only on shared folders. And I grant Read only on those shared folders.
  4. You can add(associate) multiple target folders into one folder in namespace. DFS Namespace will give you chance to create RG(you don’t have to). You will be referred to one of the targets when accessing using DFS namespace.
  5. Looks like we have to create RB then create namespace folder from RB, or vice versa. We can’t create both ready and connect them.
  6. To configure one-way replication, we can disable one of the sending connections in RG. However this is not recommended by Microsoft (see Planning Guide). Instead, NTFS permissions should be used to control replication direction.
  7. Domain controllers don’t have to run on R2. On servers that are involved in replication or act as name space server have to run R2. R2 schema (version 31) is that is required.