Oct 31, 2006

Troubleshooting 1030/1058 event ID error - one of the many cases

Userenv event ID 1030/1058 pair are very common errors that could be caused by various things. Common causes would be secure channel broken, domain account corrupt, client side group policy extension issue, etc. A brutal but simple solution will be quit/rejoin domain provided you are VERY sure your network and DCs are working properly. If DC or client side extension are in question, you would most likely want to enable userenv log as per KB 221833.The example below is certainly not the most difficult one but shows typical troubleshooting tools when the network is in doubt.

1030/1058 pair in application log, GP not applied

  • Event Type: Error
  • Event Source: Userenv
  • Event Category: None
  • Event ID: 1058
  • Date: 10/31/2006Time: 10:09:28 AM
  • Computer: server1
  • Description:Windows cannot access the file gpt.ini for GPO cn={B8F49320-CB4A-4660-9BF5-806926B63906},cn=policies,cn=system,DC=samle,,DC=com. The file must be present at the location <\\sample.com\SysVol\sample.com\Policies\{B8F49320-CB4A-4660-9BF5-806926B63906}\gpt.ini>. (Configuration information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable, or access has been denied. ). Group Policy processing aborted.

- nltest /sc_query:shortDomainName OK (to rule out security channel issue)

- netdiag /v: DC List Test failed. (The DC is down)Trust Relationship test failed

Note: if you open a cmd as local system, the domain membership test will be failed in netdiag - this is normal

The following 3 commands to test connectivity

  • ping shortDomainName OK
  • portqry test against all required ports OK
  • ping -l oversizePacket -f OK

Further troubleshooting:

  • Suspected NetBIOS was not enabled, went into TCP/IP setting, but it's ticked
  • Nslookup: Short domain name not resolved.
    Action: change suffix then flush DNS cache
    Result: short domain name resolved, but "DC list test" still failed
  • Found another symptom: Couldn't log into this box via TS, error "RPC server is not available". Check the RPC service and RPC Locator service, found the later was not running while this was a W2k member server.
    Action: start RPC Locator service
    Result: not difference
  • Checked application log again, 1030/1058 started on Oct 26. Checked System Log to see if there was anything happened at that day, it reported "tcp/ip NetBIOS helper" service terminated unexpectedly". This service is NetBIOS over TCP/IP itself.
    Action: started it.
    Result: netdiag came back clean

Actually I should have checked services status before even begun troubleshooting. Those set to "automatic" should be running - this is a quick way to find problems sometimes. But anyways, this can serve as an example of using different tools when network is in doubt.