Feb 14, 2008

Alternative Way To Recover Deleted Objects

The recommended way to recover a deleted user or group is through Authorized Restore. It's not always desirable, however. It requires you to take the DC offline, normally for a time length that most of business can't tolerant, depending on how fast you can retore from backup.

With Windows 2003 AD, Microsoft provides another way to move tomestoned objects back to their original state, partially. Basically, you have to specify "Return Deleted Objects" in order to search deleted objects; and you then remove its isDeleted attribute and replace the DN with the location you want this object to be.

Side note: Controls are a mechanism, defined in the LDAP standard, used to extend the LDAP protocol to provide additional functionality beyond what is defined in standard LDAP while remaining compatible with other LDAP-compliant software. AD supports 22 controls, including "return Deleted Objects" control.