Apr 23, 2008

SMS training notes (draft)

Source: 2008 April SMS Training
Please also see the SMS2003Concepts&Planning.pdf
Most useful links

advertisements folder:
legacy client: cap_siteName\inbox? (inbox manager)
adv client: don't use this any longer (uses MP file dispatch manager)
info from client to server:

where to find the logs?
1. a KB
2. go to tools-> service manager->task->start service manager->right click on the comonent-> logging

how to find status message for certain components?
system status->site status->your site->component status->action->show messages

To find out server roles:
site hierarchy -> site settings -> site Systems -> right click one of the sms servers
This is also where you add MP, DP, etc.

7 discovery methods
only 2 are recommended: AD System and Heartbeat

Heartbeat Discovery
evrey 7 days, clients will generated a DDR file and send to MP

client install methods:
client push is recommended
look at ccmsetup.log to see why setup isn't successful
"client push method" pushes setup binary into admin$. Look at the ccmsetup.log in that folder to verify the client installation.

Client side log loication: admin$\ccm

the hw inventory agent log is at admin$\ccm\logs\inventoryagent.log, also look at dataloader log
sms_def.mof defines what will be reported back to server. This file is on server under SMS\inboxes\clifiles.src\hinv

when the schema was extended properly (such as RTM version of extension was used instead of SP2 version), the client is not pulling policy from Management Point, (symptom, on client\control panel\system management shows only two policies, "machine policy retrive" and "user policy retrive). No error is shown.

To make the collection completely updated: run Update Membership then Refresh

when you add a new policy in SMS console, look at the policyagent.log on client to see if it's downloaded. YOu can copy the source(a http url) from the log and open it up in a browser to see the actual policy.

If I change a advertisment then re-publish, would that replace the existing one?
when maximum time expires, the agent will terminate the installation process.
how do I find out where the DP shared folder is? in package properties.

How to specify which drive for the default distribution point: Component Configuration\Software Distribution\General Tab
How to specify a different shared folder as Distribution Point: site systems\all tasks\new server shared

In Package Status, all messages, notice message ids of 30000 for package creatinon, 30003 for program creation(multiple instances), 30009 for dp assignment, 30006 for ad creation, and 2300 and 3201 for package processing.
In Advertisement Status, notice message id of 10002 indicating the client received the advertisement, 10005 indicating the operating system at the client was able to start the program successfully, and 10008 for successful processing of the ad program (returned an exit code indicating success). You may also notice a 10035 message indicating the program installation has not begun. This is due to the time requried to distribute the source files to the distribution point before installatino could begin.

If the server is removed from network/AD, will it be removed from SMS???????????????????????????
Can I create a collection that receive heartbeat signal last week???????????????????????????????

ITMU is a collection of tools and operations for security patch

- Windows update agent and microsoft update tool on client
- Microsoft Update Tool Sync on server

Software Update binaries on clients side: windows update agent>Microsoft Update tool(scan wrapper) writes data to WMI >sms hardware inventory agent pulls the data from WMI and send them to server
scanwarpper.exe calls scanwrapper.exe, which in turn calls smsWUHandler.exe

How to view WMI data:
wbemtest > connect -> root\cimv2\enum classes (with "recursive" enabled)
win32_patchstat_extended contains the data of patches.
instanses -> see all the data

There are new (and some old) log files that can be helpful in
troubleshooting patch deployment
• Location: CCM\Logs folder on the client
• Contains: Results of the inventory tool scan
• Advertisement.log
• Location: Installing user’s temp folder on the site server
• Contains: Results of setup attempting to create collections,
package, program, and advertisements.
• Location: CCM\Logs folder on the client
• Contains: Reminder text and user icon interactions
• PatchUIMonitor.log
• Location: CCM\Logs folder on the client
• Contains: Activities performed by the reminder service
regarding scheduling of reminders and other system tasks
related to patch management

- SMS TOolkit 2
- Where to find log files (services manager, right click, logging)http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;867490
- where are the inboxes: SMS\Inboxes
- You need to know which inbox to check, what components are involved: look at the microsoft SMS flow chart (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sms/sms2003/maintain/flo
- Get familiar with SMS 2003 Toolkit 2
• Learn SMS Inbox folders
A description of inbox folders and how they are used in Systems
Management Server
• Refer to known status messages
Systems Management Server 2003 SP1 Status Message
• Review component process to help you identify where the process
- WMIdiag
- IIS log :admin$\system32\logfiles\w3svc1(defautl web site folder) - search IIS status error code

when create security patch, in Distribute Software Updates Wizard, what is the "maximum run time" and "maximum installation time"?
A: By enable "enforce start time and maximum installation time", you can define a maintainence window. "Maximum run time" should always less then "maximum installation time". If the time left in the maintainence windo is less then the "maximum run time", advertisement will be deferred.