Sep 22, 2009

Account Logon vs. Logon/Logoff events in security log

Ever confused by the "Account Logon" events and "Logon/Logoff" events in your Security Log? Read on.

[Edit: Dec 19, 2011]: This is applicable to Windows 2003. In Windows 2008, "account logon" is changed to "credential validation" to better reflect what it really is.
This is a complete copy/paste from MSDN.

One of the most common questions that I get about Windows Auditing is, how come you guys were so @#%! stupid that you put in two logon categories?

The answer is actually pretty simple- we're bad at choosing names. "Account Logon" isn't really about logon, it's about credential validation.

Here's the low down on what is the difference between Logon/Logoff and Account Logon events, and how to decipher Account Logon events.

Sep 3, 2009

Backup and restore TCP/IP stack config using command line

netsh -c interface dump > ipconfig.txt
netsh -f ipconfig.txt