Jun 15, 2016

How to track any attribute change

  1. Assumption #1: DS Access enabled in Group Policy
  2. Assumption #2: audit is enabled on the obejct you want to track ( SACL entries)
  3. run "repadm /showobjmeta DCName DN_of_object"
  4. Check the change time and origin DC of the attribute
  5. Check event id 4662 for that time point on the origin DC
  6. You may see several 4662 events
  7. You should see Subject, Object, and Operation info in the event, and look for operation type "Write Property"
  8. In "properties" section, it list only GUID of the property, so you will have to match it up to AD schema here
  9. Obviously step 8 is near to impossible as there are a few hundreds attributes and you don't want to check them one by one
  10. So you can also just search the GUID from schema context. The query string will look like something like this "schemaIDGUID=#($U@()&%)@" BUT YOU CANNOT USE THE GUID FROM THE EVENT VIREW! You have to convert it first
  11. How to convert a GUID reported in event viewer to a LDAP query filter: this page. Life is hard, isn't it?!